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FREE Membership – it doesn’t get better then that!  Only business members can add/edit their business listing.  So why not join today and make your business standout.


Accurate reviews and ratings based on verified users and not a paid reviewer from outside of the country.  Don’t be hi-jacked and pay ridiculous fees by some review website in California.  Take charge and be the LocalBest with our team. 


Anyone who votes/reviews on LocalBest.com can only do so on local businesses listed in their selected community.  Each year we count your communities votes and post the results online recognizing those businesses as being voted LocalBest!


LocalBest.com is not some national website trying to push our agenda, for us it’s all about the local community.  Locals know best so that is why we are local; we hire local account representatives.  These are local people who are involved, dedicated, and love their community.


We support your local community.  Each year we recognize, reward, and support the LocalBest charities in your community.  To learn more contact your local representative.


Finally and most important get recognition for being the LocalBest!  Winners have access to window clings, bumper stickers, and other media to showcase their awards.  It’s the ultimate way to stand out to existing and potential customers!


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