How Laredo Federal Credit Union Helps People Secure Their Future

When it comes to financial systems, Laredo Texas is quite fortunate in respect. The city houses a number of banking and financial institutions that offer helpful services at competitive rates. Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas is one of such institutions offering superlative facilities and services since 1954.

What is a credit union?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a credit union is formed and run by its members who pool their money in one institution together just as they do in a bank. The difference lies in the facilities as the rate of interest for loan services and other benefits is very low so that the members don’t have to worry about their financial obligations much.
Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas is one of the oldest and most reputed not-for-profit credit unions in the city.
As a credit union, it takes complete care of the financial obligations of its members by providing those loans and account benefits at competitive rates of interest. Apart from this, the institution also offers multiple additional benefits to help its members stay stabilized on their financial grounds.
At present, there are 4 Laredo Credit Unions, including the main office, situated across Laredo, Texas along with 8 ATM machines. The institution has $130,000,000 in assets at present which shows how trustworthy the name has been among the people of Laredo.

What are Laredo Federal Credit Union hours?

Laredo Federal Credit Union hours are as follows:
Lobby Hours: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Drive-Up Hours: 9:30 AM- 6:00 PM

What are the services Laredo Federal Credit Union offers?

Right from accounts, loans, and investments to check reorders, MasterCard, wire transfer, and other online services; Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas offers almost everything one expects from a credit union to get their financial needs fulfilled.
Let’s take a look at their services comprehensively!

Primary Services

It offers Online Banking, Instant Issued Debit Card, Bill Pay, Night Deposit Box, Discount Tickets, Safe Deposit Boxes, Mortgage Loans, Share Secured Loans, Improvement Loans, Home Equity Loans, Auto Loans, E-Statements, Audio Response, savings account, Checking account, Money Orders, and many other flexible and convenient services.

Savings and Checking Accounts

Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas introduces two important account types namely Savings Account and Checking Account.
The former account is distributed in five types i.e. Regular Savings, Special Savings, Christmas club, Share Certificates, and Money Market Account.
Checking Account comes with three flexible options to choose from: Free Checking, A+ Checking, and Regular Checking. All of the three offers multiple benefits such as First 40 Checks Free; Free Audio Response; No Transfer, Withdrawal or Deposit Fees; Free Online Banking; and more.

Loans and Borrowings

The most popular of Laredo Federal Credit Union services is their loaning facilities at which they offer really attractive interest rates. If you’re looking for Auto Loans, Consumer Loans, and Real Estate Loans; then Laredo Credit Unions have pretty flexible offers.
The Auto loans you can choose from our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Major Mechanical Protection, and Platinum Coverage Plan. As for Consumer Loans, you can avail of the benefits of any of the two: Boat Loans and Secured Loans.
For those in need of Real Estate Loans, Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas brings Home Equity Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Home Loans, and Residential Lot Loans.

Investment and Retirement Schemes

Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas comes up with many Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to help you secure your future. No matter if you’re beginning the journey of your career or are on the verge of retiring, the IRAs as offered by Laredo Credit Unions are very practical schemes to avail of.

Additional Services

Offering multiple advanced benefits such as wire transfer and Laredo Credit Unions MasterCard; the institution helps members stay up-to-the-date with modern financial liabilities and responsibilities.

MasterCard Service

Beyond Laredo Federal Credit Union hours, you can avail of their MasterCard facility that lets you use the card at any major store or location such as food stores and gasoline stations. The facility is a product of their expansion across a broader member base.

Wire Transfer Services

Laredo Federal Credit Union Laredo Texas fulfills the modern needs of wire transfers by offering service in a convenient manner within and beyond Laredo Federal Credit Union hours.
You can use the service for international and national transfers to any bank, credit union, and financial institution that supports the facility. Most importantly, the service as offered by Laredo Credit Unions gives the benefits of low fees and fast transfers.

Online Benefits

When it comes to online services, Laredo Federal Credit Union makes things really easy and convenient with their comprehensive services such as Employment Application, Check Reorders, Loan and Account Rates, Financial Calculators, and more at one click. In short, it is one of the leading credit unions in Huntsville

Are you eligible for membership?

Yes, if you attend school in, live in, work in, or belong to Webb County in any such way. You can apply for the membership at any Laredo Credit Unions location within Laredo Federal Credit Union hours.

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