What is Localbest.com and how does it work?

Carl Bootsma, CEO at LocalBest.com, launched a business listing directory to help people choose the best businesses across various categories in the city of their choice. The company is initially including US cities in their directory and will afterward target foreign cities as well. Currently, over 100 US cities have been added to the website.

About The Website

It’s an online business directory in which millions of businesses are listed across different relevant categories. People can rate and review their favorite business in a city and these ratings and reviews will help other people know how much use that particular business is for them. So, this is the purpose of LocalBest: to provide tourists and locals with the best in their city. To achieve this end, the company holds a voting procedure every year.

Every year, locals are asked to vote for their favorite business in a town or city. On the basis of highest votes, awards are distributed to the winning businesses.

We wanted to know more, so, we met with CEO Carl in his office. He confirms that his complete team focuses on one thing first, i.e. to make sure the ratings and reviews are fully authentic. That’s the crux of LocalBest. The team goes through every feedback personally and tries to bring out only genuine responses so that the website visitors get exactly what they are looking for.

The navigation and usage are a no sweat

Before providing this post, we checked the website thoroughly for its usage and functionality. Simply type in localbest.com in your web browser’s URL bar and you will be directed to the website. The first page that opens is based on the IP address you use. For example, if you are in Sioux Falls, SD, the home page for a particular city will show up. You can click on any category to view the list of businesses included in that category. There, you can see the award winners and other businesses with user ratings and reviews. There’s a search bar on the top so that you can look for any city you want. You can also log in to vote for any business you want. Everything is pretty easy to do.

The bottom line

LocalBest has come up as Bootsma’s vision to provide locals and tourists with everything they need and are looking for in a city. True, there are similar websites already with a really decent reputation on the market; the owner seems to be pretty determined with his bold move of introducing LocalBest. And to be frank on the matter, we have seen a tremendously enthusiastic response in its social media profiles. Let’s see what the upcoming time brings to LocalBest and how Carl takes his project to great heights.

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