Pizza X Two (the original)

Pizza X Two (the Original)

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(562) 439-3858 2211 E 7th St B, Long Beach, CA 90804, USA

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Family owned and operated since 1987. We are the only Px2 still owned and operated by the original owners and creators. Clyde, the inspiration and main creator behind Pizza x Two's recipes, has been in the pizza industry since 1977 and his sister followed later in 1985. Pizza x Two has always used the freshest ingredients we can find to create the best tasting pizza we can offer. We offer pizza delivery, carryout, and catering services for schools, businesses, churches, and parties.

2211 E 7th St B, Long Beach, CA 90804,

Long Beach, California 90804


(562) 439-3858

2 Reviews



BEST PIZZA IN LB. If you haven't tried it your missing out.



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