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Cesarpix is one of the best photography services in Garden Grove, California, owned and run by professional photographer Cesar Mackay. Founded on 12 January 2006, Cesarpix mainly focuses on nightclubs and late-night parties. However, its photography and videography services are not limited to these. Cesarpix is affiliated by Mackay’s Photography which targets all special events such as weddings, birthdays, Quinceañera, and more. The friendly and amiable behavior of Cesar Mackay and his exceptional skills have gained the company a large number of fans and clients. His popularity can be estimated by the fast expansion of Cesarpix from the orange county area to the greater Los Angeles Area and neighboring areas. With a keen eye for details & angles and an out-of-the-box approach, Cesar offers brilliant shots that are bound for appreciation. His services are always open. Again a reason why he s so endearing and preferred over other photographers in Garden Grove, CA!

12862 Garden Grove Blvd #252, Garden Grove, CA 92843,


(702) 625-2749

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