Stoney Pointe Car Wash

Stoney Pointe Car Wash

Auto | Des Moines

(515) 875-4902 5901 SE 14th St

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  • Award Winner 2018
Stoney Pointe Car Wash is one of the frontline car wash services in Des Moines, Iowa, providing fast, affordable and comprehensive car washing and cleaning services. With a dedicated and seasoned staff onboard; Stoney Pointe Car Wash offers enterprise-grade customer service in a timely fashion. All thanks to their hard work and commitment to their job, the team has earned a solid status for the company that no one can challenge. They are trained to take care of all types of models, no matter how vintage or modern. They maintain a value of providing complete customer satisfaction at prices that never weigh down on the pocket.

5901 SE 14th St


(515) 875-4902

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