Wellmark YMCA

Wellmark YMCA

Healthy Living | Des Moines

(515) 282-9622 501 Grand Ave

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  • Award Winner 2018
Wellmark YMCA combines the efforts of one of the best fitness and nutrition experts dedicated to providing the city of Des Moines, Iowa, with a healthy lifestyle. The team that incorporates the agency includes Des Moines men, women, and children who share the same values and dreams of leading a fit life and increasing the members’ potential to the full. It flaunts over 65,000 members have joined from all around Iowa. All members have the same sense of responsibility and dedication to escorting the foundation to heights. The best part is that the membership procedures are pretty convenient and straight-forward. The agency has been successful with many health and well-being programs, camps, social services as well as swimming and sports events so far.

501 Grand Ave


(515) 282-9622

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