Louie's Wine Dive

Louie's Wine Dive

Restaurants | Des Moines

(515) 777-3416 4040 University Ave

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  • Award Winner 2017
A must visit place the next time you’re out on a weekend trip. You’ll surely be left spellbound by the delectable food and how well they’re managing the ‘gluten free’ thought – they even have onboard an independent fryer for all gluten free food. The food is delicious, the service fast, and a wide variety of drinks are also there to get a drift. It will surely go down in your good books as a memory of a quintessential restaurant experience. The menu is rich and exclusive, with specialties such as champagne fish, roasted chicken, and more. Oh, and of course, the salted caramel sauce on the smooth gluten-free chocolate torte is more or less OUT OF THIS WORLD! Just the right place for a Sunday brunch.

4040 University Ave


(515) 777-3416

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