Star Bar

Star Bar

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(515) 244-0790 2811 Ingersoll Ave

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  • Award Winner 2018
Star Bar is one of the most preferred sports bars in Des Moines, Iowa, if you want to start your day with some amazingly superb breakfast options. They offer a grand menu featuring salads, burgers, sandwiches, breakfast plates including items like BBQ's Chicken Springrolls with mango salsa and Garlic and Parmesan Fries. The bar is popular for a premium quality martini, beers, and wines. The ambiance is very cozy and welcoming. So, just order your food and enjoy it while watching your favorite sports on the TV. Some of the major reasons why locals recommend this place for breakfast and brunch is the nice and courteous waiting staff.

2811 Ingersoll Ave


(515) 244-0790

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