Java Joes CoffeeHouse

Java Joes CoffeeHouse

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(515) 288-5282 214 4th St

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  • Award Winner 2018
Java Joes CoffeeHouse is one of the most preferred coffee restaurants in Des Moines, Iowa, that’s visited by thousands of locals and tourists every year for their premium-grade coffee and excellent customer service. Not only their freshly-brewed, superior Espresso coffee drinks and delicious teas but the restaurant is also popular for mouth-watering snacks such as sandwiches, muffins, pizzas, wraps, pastries, scones, and ice-creams. Located in the Downtown area, Java Joes CoffeeHouse is a perfect place to spend your mornings and evenings in with your family. The service staff is very amiable and pleasant. Plus, the ambiance is comfortable and décor is stunning.

214 4th St


(515) 288-5282

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