Smokey Row Coffee Co.

Smokey Row Coffee Co.

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(515) 244-2611 1910 Cottage Grove Ave

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The muffins here are to die for. Smokey Row is a fantabulous spot for desserts, beverages, and much more in a sublime natural setting. The café lounge offers a splendid open setting for aspiring hipsters and college students to congregate and work. A lot of outdoor seating and full-scope windows provide a mesmerizing summer sport feeling. The staff here is extremely warm hearted and prompt with processing the order. Parking at Smokey Row is generally not an issue. Smokey Row is renowned for providing delectable shakes and beverages that are sinfully delicious. It’s surely one of the finest options in Des Moines for a quick evening meeting close to downtown. Simply grab a table near the back entrance in case you need some extra privacy and a charging port for your cellphone or laptop.

1910 Cottage Grove Ave


(515) 244-2611


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