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SPECIAL OFFER - FREE 18”x24” Poster ($99.95 Value) and FREE 30 Second YouTube Video ($499.95 Value) with GOLD Membership!

As a business owner your business needs to be on the platform. It’s the only way Locals can vote, comment, and find information about your business. The good news is we have three plans to fit your budget.
The chart below gives a quick comparison of the three products including our GOLD Membership with our 110% Guarantee!

What is our 110% Guarantee?

We 110% stand by our products and guarantee that if you purchase our GOLD Membership your business will grow 10% in the next year or your GOLD Membership will be FREE in 2020! That’s a $959.40 value,,,, FREE! Plus, we will throw in a $100 gift card just sweeten the deal. The reason we can do this is our products work. No other advertising can make your business standout like ours! There’s got to be a catch, so what is it? Yes there is a catch. We don’t want businesses who will not put in the work. There is no slacking off. Our users are looking for the BEST, so your business has to be the BEST for this offer. This means only Award-Winners and Top 5 businesses qualify for the 110% Guarantee. That’s it! That’s our only rule. If you have more questions, please give us a call and make sure to follow our Step-By-Step Guide.

Limited Time Offer
Feature Read more Free Membership Silver Membership Gold Membership
Business Listed Yes Yes Yes
Voting and Rating Yes Yes Yes
Add Logo, Photo’s Yes Yes Yes
Verified Badge Yes Yes Yes
Location Map No No Yes
Social Media No No Yes
eBay, Amazon No No Yes
YouTube Video Link No No Yes
Award Access Yes Yes Yes
Member Badge No No Yes
Free Poster ($99.95 Value) No Yes Yes
Free Video ($499.95 Value) No No Yes
Cost Free $ 39.95/Month $ 79.95/Month

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