The Story is revolutionizing the way people search for businesses.  Business directories are old, expensive, boring, and get tossed in the trash. Online review sites are better but who’s got the time to read hundreds of out-dated, bias, or fake reviews? So how do you find out the BEST businesses? Simple. Just ask the Locals! Each year LocalBest holds an online vote for just locals to select their favorite businesses.  Winners are announced and have exclusive access to our products and promotions. It’s very effective and as we say; The best word of mouth recommendation your business can have with a cool window cling!

Does it Work?

Imagine you’re traveling to a new city and looking for a place to eat. You want to try something different. Something with local flare. You see some common fast food places, but you really want to try something new. You see some local places, but how do you know if they are good? Then you see it in their window; the 2019 LOCALBEST WINNER window cling; and just like that you know, this is a local place I can trust!

That is why LocalBest works. All our products are exclusive to just the best businesses voted by locals. A award shows each year that a business has been “pre-vetted” by others. They are a trustworthy option that is worth a premium. For businesses our award makes you interesting and unique and is a great talking point. Most important we have found that businesses that win an award like ours can increase future sales.

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