Investor Relations Inc. is a digital marketing company in the United States focused on promoting local businesses in select cities to people looking for local recommendations.  Our strategy is to engage locals in each city to vote for their favorites in a yearly contest. Businesses who win the most votes will be recognized as being the LOCAL BEST.  Our website users love voting for their local favorite businesses in over 200 different sub-categories.  In addition we also found people will use the website when visiting other cities to find locals recommendation based on their vote. In turn they use these favorites in their purchase decisions. Unlike review websites (Yelp, Google, AngiesList) we have a much higher participation rate leading to more accurate result data. Voting literally takes just one second! Businesses love the exposure of being voted LOCAL BEST and help promote their awards to their customers further increasing the reach of Our next official vote ends May 31 2021 and we are expecting over 1 million votes in over 300 major cities!



With our success and growth we are looking to expand international.  Currently we need investors who see our vision and can add value to our brand.  For more information please email [email protected] and include your contact information.