The Rules

How does voting work?

It’s pretty simple, throughout the year we encourage users to vote for their favorite business in a particular category.  As a voter, you can simply vote in a category at any time by clicking on the VOTE box next to each business listing (visit or FAQ for more information).  You may also click the VOTE tab on the top righthand corner to enter our voting area. Once you are in the voting area you will see a list of businesses plus a search box you can use to vote.  Click on the checkbox in front of the business you would like to select as the LocalBest for that sub-category and hit NEXT on the bottom.  You may also skip to the next sub-category by hitting SKIP. Vote in additional areas by selecting the sub-category on the left you would next like to vote in.  You may vote in as many sub-categories as you would like but once you place a vote it cannot be changed!  You can always come back and vote in categories you have not voted in until the end of the voting period on May 31.  At the end of the voting period, votes will be counted and results will be listed online.  The top winners of each category will be featured and recognized as being voted LocalBest!
We need your HELP!  Each year thousands of businesses start-up, move, or close.  We try to keep our data as accurate as possible so if you see an error in a listing or your favorite business is not listed please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] and once verified we will add/change/remove listings as needed.


How do comments work?


Any member can submit one comment per business per year.  You can comment on as many businesses as you would like but you must follow our guidelines.  You must also live within the selected area of that business to leave a comment.  This is to protect from bogus comments and ratings and will be used to determine what geographical area you are allowed to vote in.  Membership is limited to one per email address and one per phone number.


Member Requirements


  • Must be a registered user to place Votes/Comments
  • Can only Vote/Comment in your local area
  • Limit one account per email address
  • Limit one account per phone number
  • Use of vulgar/offensive language is not allowed
  • Do not use private information in comments
  • Do not use intellectual property
  • Vote/Comment only businesses you have used


User membership is FREE to anyone who meets and follows our requirements.  We take our rules very seriously and anyone caught cheating or in violation of our rules may have their account (including business information) suspended or removed along with a block placed on their phone number and email address.  For more information or to dispute a block please email [email protected] with your name and phone number.  Thanks for choosing!